What Are the Dimensions of the Spikeball Set?

The dimensions of a Spikeball set in the box are: 9" X 4.5" X 23" and it weighs about 3.5 pounds in the packaging. 

The dimensions of the Spikeball Pro Set in the box are: 9" x 6" x 23" and it weighs about 5 pounds in the packaging.

When the sets are taken out of the packaging, everything fits into a drawstring bag, which dimensions are a bit smaller than the above measurements. You can fit all the components of the set into that drawstring bag, so you can easily travel with a Spikeball set! 

Fully assembled, the Spikeball set is 36 inches in diameter. 

The ball should be 12 inches in circumference. It will definitely feel squishy at its proper inflation! 

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