What are the Differences Between the Various Spikeball Kits?

We get it, we have a bunch of different Spikeball Kits, and keep them all straight can be confusing. Not to worry, we can clear up all your questions here! 

The first thing to note is that we have two different sizes that our Kits come in. The regular size (Standard Kit and Pro Kit) is 36 inches in diameter. The larger size (Rookie Kit and XL Kit) is 45 inches in diameter.

We have a few different products:

1. The Standard 3 Ball Kit is our best seller. It is the standard size net (36 inches) and it comes with three balls.

2. The Starter Bundle is a bundle that comes with the Standard 3 Ball Kit plus a few additional accessories--2 Glow Balls and 1 Spikeball Backpack. 

3. The Road To Victory Bundle is a bundle that comes with the Standard 3 Ball Kit, plus a couple extra items--2 Glow in the Dark balls, 11 Regular balls, and a hat! 

4. The Pro Kit is a standard sized net (36 inches), but it is higher quality and it comes with additional accessories--ball pump, ball gauge, better carrying bag, and two Pro Balls. The Pro Kit is the official set that is used at all Spikeball tournaments!

5. The Rookie Kit is our beginners set. The net is larger (45 inches in diameter) and it comes with one large ball. It is great for people just learning how to play, as the net it a larger target and easier is to hit! 

6. The XL Kit includes the same set as the Rookie Kit (larger net), but it comes with three standard sized balls instead of the one large ball. It's perfect for beginners, or for adding more players into the mix. Give 3 vs. 3 a shot! 

7. The Spikebuoy is an accessory that makes your Spikeball Kit float so that you can play in the water! The floats attach to the legs of the Standard Kit or the Pro Kit (does not work with the Rookie or XL).

Please let me know if you have any other questions, I will be happy to help! 

Spike on! 

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