How Do I Redeem A Gift Card?

  1. Go to your shopping cart. 
  2. Enter in your shipping information and click continue.
  3. Once on the next page you will see your shipping options. Scroll down to the "Billing & Payment" section.
  4. Click on the text "Have a gift card? Click here to enter it" found just below the words "Billing & Payment".
  5. Enter in your code and click apply
  6. Still can't figure it out? See screen shot below or contact customer service.

That oughta do it -- your new subtotal should reflect the coupon right away.

**Note there is a difference between Gift Cards and Coupon Codes. Most codes that are available are "discount codes". Odds are if you have a gift card you received an email with the code on it stating that it is a GIFT CARD**

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