Do You Have A Bigger Net/Bigger Ball?

Glad you asked! Yes, Spikeball sets come in two different sizes. 

We have two products that are larger than the standard sized sets:

1.  XL Set: This set is designed for any player looking for longer rallies and/or to play with more people at once (3 on 3 Spikeball is a lot of fun). The set is 45 inches in diameter, and comes with 3 standard sized balls.

2. Rookie Kit: We designed this set for our younger and/or beginner players. It is 45 inches in diameter. The Rookie Kit also comes with a larger ball! Its 50% larger frame, 6 legs, 6 rims, and 1 larger ball will make it much easier to learn basics.

Our  Standard KitPro Set, and Road To Victory Kit all include sets and balls that are standard sized. The standard sized set is 36 inches in diameter. The standard sized ball is 12 inches in circumference. 

Contact us to learn more about Spikeball modifications for PE classes! 

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