Why am I Not Getting Free Shipping?

Odds are that 1 of the below 3 reasons are causing you to not receive free shipping.

1. Your order is under $75.

If this is the case you may want to add something to your shopping cart like some extra balls or a hat. If the numbers are in your favor then it will be as if you are getting not only free shipping but a free product as well.

2. You are using a discount code on your order.  

Using a discount code voids out our free shipping. Because of this you may need to choose which option is the best value, to discount code or not, that is the question.  

*This is because there are a few codes floating around the net that shouldn't be out there. If you were not given the code by someone close to the Spikeball family and instead found it on a discount code website shame on you =)  (Nice job being resourceful, thumbs up for effort)

3. You are shipping to an address outside of the United States.  

We are sorry but we can't offer free shipping for anyone outside of the US at this time. We still love you but we would go broke if we gave you the hook up!

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