Can My Faith Based Group Get Spikeball At A Discounted Rate?

Great question! Short answer, YES!

Hundreds of churches, summer camps, and other organizations are using Spikeball not only as a way for kids and leaders to have a great time and get some exercise, but also to grow closer together, build a more tight-knit community, and have fun.  Some of the larger groups that incorporate Spikeball into their programs are: Young Life, CRU, and RUF.

Here’s a good example from Young Life.

If you are affiliated with a faith-based group, you may be eligible for discounts on gear! There needs to be a dialogue between your organization and Spikeball. We also need to know if you are tax exempt and if there are any charitable initiatives associated to your order.

Please contact us at to start the conversation. 

Additionally, we attend several large-scale conferences, events, and sometimes even faith based music festivals. Think we’d be a good fit at yours? Let us know.

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