How Can I Become a Spikeball Ambassador?

We are always looking for the next great Spikeball promoter. Think you have what it takes to be part of one of the nations greatest ambassador programs?  

Its not easy, but for those who work hard and spread the word of Spikeball comes FAME AND GLORY.  Just ask #TeamSpikeball.

Being a Spikeball Ambassador provides you with number of benefits. First your social status will be just a little elevated... we hope =). Next you will be given access to some limited edition swag that only 'Ballers and Spikeball employees have access to. As an ambassador you'll also have a chance to win prizes, gift cards, throw epic tournaments, partake in our referral program, and sling Spikeball sets for cash.  Still interested? Click the link below to apply.  Good Luck!

Learn more and apply here.

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